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Posting Schedule

Wow, well congratulations to the authors and artists that have made it this far in the challenge because even though we got plenty of them signing up in the first place, not very many have stuck it out to the end!

Because we have so very few authors left, a posting schedule isn't needed and, to be honest, would look a bit silly. Instead, the posting period will be from January 21th, 2011 to January 28th, 2011.

To the authors: please get in contact with your artists to let them know when you're planning on posting your fic so they can get you the link to their art masterpost accordingly.

Please post your fic using this header: (or a variation of)

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So yesterday was when rough drafts were due but we had very few people actually turning in their fics. Thank you so much to the people who got everything in on time, but I'm going to have to push back the dates a week while we get this sorted out.

The new schedule looks like this:

Rough Drafts are Due – November 24th, 2010
Artist Claims Post – November 29nd, 2010
Final Fic & Art Due – January 14th, 2011
Posting Period Starts – January 21th, 2011

Ten people have commented/PMed to say they've dropped out, two people have extensions (though now they may not need them), but there are still about forty people out there that I haven't heard from at all. If you know anybody out there participating, give them a poke.

PS: Deathly Hallows woiehgsd;gihewgidshkgehsd i'm so excited
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Posting Schedule

A lot of people still haven't let me know what's going on with them so some parts of this might change. If you have not heard from your artist or author please comment to this post, also drop a comment if the assigned posting day does not work for you. Also comment with any questions you might have on how posting works.

We will be posting 2 fics on weekdays and 1 fic on every regular day for the next couple of weeks. Posting will go from January 15th, 2010 - January 26th, 2010

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Master post to harrypotterbang (a master post looks like THIS). Please make the story posts to your own journal and unlock it on your posting day.


Artists need to make their own separate posts to their journals with their art (unlocked) and give the link to the authors. Then when the authors are ready to post they need to let the artist know so they can unlock their post. Once all the links is a post are unlocked we will approve the post.

We will be giving posting access to everyone in the comm but posting will be moderated. Good luck!